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OBITUARIES 59 Christ became a local preacher and an earnest worker in Cape Coast Circuit In 1885 ne in charge Gold Coast District Book Room remained years In 1893 received a Candidate our Ministry and sent to Training Insti tution year By diligent study prepared duties Ministry and at Conference 1894 accepted Preacher on Trial laboured years in Cape Coast Circuit and at Synod 1897 appointed to charge Chama Circuit laboured devotion and earnestness a preacher acceptable and useful sermons carefully pre pared and delivered great fervour lived God and God modesty and humility remarkable ministerial career brief marked by faithfulness and devotion preparing annual District Synod suddenly attacked by palpitation heart and weeks illness in spite skilful medical aid passed on January 1899 conflicts time to triumphs eternity in thirty fourth year age and fifth ministry THOMAS ALBERT CHALKER born in 1851 at Keinton Mandeville in Glastonbury Circuit child prayers and dedicated to God infancy a reverence religion and about fourteen years age yielded to service God In important event mother chief human agent preached first sermon in 1868 being seventeen years old and became a highly esteemed local preacher accepted a Candidate Ministry in 1874 and spent happy years at Richmond College party preachers sailed to South Africa in Windsor Castle wrecked on Dassen Island day arrival threw heartily into work life a high ideal boldly