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The Document Viewer allows you to view and read every image within the chosen document, as well as viewing the associated metadata records and searching for keywords within them.

To use the Document Viewer you must have the Adobe Reader plugin installed. A link to download the latest version of the Adobe Reader is provided on the home page, if you do not already have it installed.

The Document Viewer page is split into two halves - the left-hand pane contains the main document navigation controls, and the right-hand pane allows you navigate individual images and jump between page views.

Searching within a Document

The document title appears in the top-left of the viewer page, and directly beneath this on the left is the Search Document function. If you enter a keyword or phrase into this box, then the number of results will be displayed below.

As with Quick Search, the Boolean ‘AND’ operator is implied as the default. However, you may broaden your search by using ‘OR’; and truncation using the asterisk ‘*’ is also possible.

Document Navigation

Beneath the Search Document panel is the Document Navigation menu. Here, all the Pages of the Document are listed - to access a Page, simply click on that item in the menu. In larger documents, descriptive tags are provided for easy of navigation.

If you have performed a keyword search, you will be taken to the first relevant image. If your search returns multiple hits, you will be able to jump directly between them using the 'Prev Hit' and 'Next Hit' buttons. The title of any other matching results will be shown in red within the document navigation menu. That of the active image is shown in dark bold type.

Page Navigation

On the top right-hand side of the viewer page are a number of controls for viewing the chosen image. The icons in grey allow you to change the selected page view, as well as jumping between images. These icons are described in more detail below:

Page Selection icon

Jump between Pages (L-R: First Page, Previous Page, Page Selector, Next Page, Last Page).

Document Metadata/Information View icon

View the metadata for the document (or series, or collection).

Image Metadata/Information View icon

View the metadata for the selected image. (NB This does not include the description field containing any transcribed or uncorrected OCR'd text.)

Add to Favourites icon

Add this Document to your personal Favourites. (NB This feature only appears when you are logged in by a username and password.)