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The Collection Browser allows you to view details of your currently chosen Collection, along with a list of all the Series or Sub-series of Documents within it. A grey tab directly beneath the black navigation bar shows the title of the chosen Collection.

Details Panel

At the top of the page is a panel containing details of the currently selected Collection. This includes an image and a brief description of it, as well as other information such as Reference Number and details of the owner or holder of the original materials.

The details panel contains the following icons:

Add to Favourites icon

Add this Collection to your personal Favourites. (NB Use of this function requires you to sign in with a user name and password.)

Meta Data/Information View icon

View the metadata for this Collection.

Results Browser

Below the details panels are listed the Series or Sub-series of Documents within the Collection. If you have reached this page after searching for particular keywords, only those Series or Sub-series will appear that contain matches for your search terms.

At the top of the results is a grey navigation bar which tells you how many results are available, and provides you with some icons that allow you to navigate between multiple pages of results:

Page Selection icon

Jump between Pages (L-R: First Page, Previous Page, Page Selector, Next Page, Last Page).

The results themselves contain a brief overview of each File, including its title and a description. You can access the contents of any File by clicking on its title, its thumbnail image or the eye icon to the left of it.

Two icons can appear on the left of each row in the results table:

View This Item icon

Click to view a list of contents for this item.

Item Unlocked icon

This icon indicates items that you are licensed to view the images which comprise a specific item. If this icon does not appear, you will be able to view the list of individual documents within the selected File, but you will be unable to you open any of them to see the images they contain.

Searching within a Collection

Using the Search Collection keyword box near the top right of the details panel, you can restrict your search to the metadata for all items within the selected Collection.

As with Quick Search, the Boolean ‘AND’ operator is implied as the default. However, you may broaden your search by using ‘OR’; and truncation using the asterisk ‘*’ is also possible.

Refreshing the List of Collection Contents

To refresh a Collection after a keyword search in order to view all Series or Sub-series within it, put your cursor in the Search Collection box and hit the ‘Enter’ key or simply click on the diamond-shaped icon to the right of that box.