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Records of the Committee on Women's Work, 1861 - 1967

Records of the Committee on Women

Records of the Committee on Women's Work, 1861 - 1967

Originally the "Ladies' Association for the Promotion of Female Education in India and other Heathen Countries", a semi-autonomous body linked with the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. In 1895 this became the "Womens' Missionary Association for the Promotion of Female Education in the Missions of the SPG", and in 1904 an SPG Committee for Women's Work was established, responsible to the Standing Committee. Includes minutes of main and sub-committees, candidates' books, in and out letters, and reports. This collection is organised by subject and date; the correspondence is divided according to whether it is an original or a copy and whether it has been sent or received, it is also organised by date.

This digital collection currently comprises approximately two thirds of the vast records relating to the Committee on Women's Work stored at Rhodes House Library, Oxford.

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Ladies' Association for the Promotion of Female Education...1861 - 1895

The emphasis in both the minute books and the letter books, is very much upon the progress of establishing Christian schools in Africa, India, Burma, China, and Japan. Details include how...

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Womens' Missionary Association, circa 1895-1904

These items retain their focus on the missionaries' principle project: the maintenance and growth of mission schools around the world. The picture of finances over this period is more sustainable than...

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SPG Committee for Womens

SPG Committee for Womens' Work, 1904 - 1967

The main focus of these records is the discussion of either candidates or prospective candidates, regarding their competance and whether their progress as a missionary should be supported or stopped. Descriptions...

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Miscellaneous Items, 1866 - 1960

Miscellaneous Items, 1866 - 1960

These documents feature discussion on the subject of the Women's Missionaty Association joining the SPG as a subsidiary of it. Other developments include the proposal that marriage should no longer be...

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